Not-to-be-missed 2-pack deals

Top-to-toe school uniforms so your little ones can look their best on day 1.

Moms, getting your kids ready for the new school year starts with getting their school uniforms sorted. From short-sleeved shirts to shorts, trousers and shoes – Ackermans has everything you need to get them back on the road to success.

Known for their amazing 2-pack deals and quality school-wear, Ackermans is your one-stop shop to get all the back-to-school basics. And with their amazing 2-pack deals, you can now get even more savings and value, for less.

Get a 2-pack short-sleeved shirts combo from R49,95 for ages 5-6, that’s less than R25 each! Or a 2-pack grey shorts combo, for ages 5-6, from R79,95 – that’s less than R40 each.

Other 2-pack offerings include 2-pack boys’ trousers for ages 5-6, from R129,95 – that’s less than R65 each, 2-pack long-sleeved shirts for ages 5-6, from R79,95. That’s less than R40 a shirt!

Getting ready for sports? Don’t miss 2-pack colour tee combos for children ages 3-4, from R59,95.

Make sure to get to your nearest Ackermans store now to get your hands on these amazing back-to-school 2-pack deals. Only while stocks last – so hurry!

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